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Trial Period Issues

My trial of FileMonkey has not lasted the full 30 days, why?

Purchasing Issues

I purchased FileMonkey but I am getting a message that the trial has expired.
Can I pay by check, postal order or by PayPal?
Can I order FileMonkey on CD?
Our Purchasing Dept. needs vendor name & address to purchase FileMonkey?
Why won't FileMonkey accept my license code?
Why have I been charged VAT?
Do I need the extended download service?

Upgrading Issues

How do I upgrade to the latest version of FileMonkey?
There is a new version of FileMonkey available, why should I bother upgrading?
Why won't the update page accept my license code?
Where can I find my license code?
How can I upgrade my existing license?

General Issues

I am new to FileMonkey, how does it work?
FileMonkey takes a long time to start up - why?
FileMonkey runs really slowly - why?
You have not answered my emails, why?
Does FileMonkey contain spyware, adware or any hidden programs?
FileMonkey no longer reads all files on my computer, why is this?
How do I print file lists and other results?
How do I schedule FileMonkey tasks?
The file renamer has numbered my files around unpredictably, why is this?
Why are new time stamps not displaying under Windows?
Rather than change dates, I want to delete them. Is this possible?
Can FileMonkey extract email addresses from Outlook PST files?
What files does the Extract feature work on?
What commands are availalbe in the command line feature?
Why does FileMonkey take a long time to wipe freespace from my drive?
Can FileMonkey create an image of disk free space?
How do I search for special characters such as tab or carriage return?
Does FileMonkey contain viruses?
How do I convert cd tracks to MP3 format?
How do I swap Artist with Song Title on my mp3 file names?
How do I rename MP3 files using ID3 tags?
How can I copy or move jpeg files downloaded with internet explorer?
How do i trim lines and records in my files?
What is "Smart Protect"?

File Merging

What types of file can FileMonkey merge?
Can FileMonkey merge Outlook CSV files?
Can FileMonkey merge 2 or more Outlook PST files?
How can I merge Eudora *.mbx files?
How can I merge files from the command line?
Can FileMonkey merge databases?
How can I join xls files together?
How can I combine Word files?

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