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Programs are running really slowly on my machine, why?

It is more than likely that a third party program such as your virus scanners are making programs on your machine run slower than normal.

You can test this by shutting down your virus scanner and then run the affected program.

We contacted McAfee technical support and this is what they advise:

1. Stop your virus scanner from performing active scans. You can do this using McAfee VirusScan version 10 like so:
  • Right-click on the McAfee icon by your system clock.
  • Click VirusScan > Options
  • Click Advanced
  • In the "File Types to Scan" box, select "Program files and documents only"
  • Click the OK button, then OK again
2. Delete your temporary internet files. For example, if you are running Internet Explorer:

Go to Tools, then Internet Options. Under the General tab, click on Delete Files. Make sure "Delete all offline content" is checked and click OK. If available, click Apply. Click on OK.

3. Delete your system temporary files

From your system start menu, select run and then enter %temp%

Delete all the file in the temporary folder. Note that if a file is in use, it will not be deleted - this is normal and you can ignore such files and folders and just delete everything else.

4. We would also advise to remove (uninstall) all programs that you no longer use. From your start menu, find your control panel. From your control panel, select the "Add/Remove Programs" icon.

5. You can use programs such as 3rd party programs to removed internet cache files.

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