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How do I search for special characters such as tab or carriage return?

You can search for characters, words and phrases using the Find feature (this will list all files that contain those characters) or perform search and replace using the "Replace" feature.

Using the "Find" feature to search for a carriage return, you need to enclose the carriage return in quote marks like so:


You can enter a tab character in the search box by clicking in the search box and then hold down the ctrl key on your keyboard and press the tab button (in the search box).

Alternatively, you can copy and paste characters into the box. For example, use notepad to write the characters, then highlight and copy the characters (right-click on the highlighted text and select "Copy" from the pop-up menu), then right click in the search box of FileMonkey and select paste.

Replace feature:

The above also applies to the "Search And Replace" feature although, do not use encompassing quote marks when using the "Replace" feature (unless you want to replace quote marks).

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