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The trial period of this product has ended early, why?

Our products use your system clock to determine the passage of time.

We do not know why this product has disabled prematurely on your system however, here are some possible explanations:


It is possible that you or someone else has altered your system clock some time after installing this product.

If you install and run the product and then set your system clock forward by more than the length of the trial period and then run the product again, it will think that the trial has ended.

You can check your current clock settings by double clicking the clock on your taskbar (system tray).


A piece of software running on your system has altered your system clock since you have installed the product. This is similar to 1.


A piece of software has edited or removed data that the product uses to determine the passage of time.


You have previously installed and then un-installed the product before installing again.

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