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I just time stamped my files using FileMonkey but now, the new time and date stamps do not appear under windows, my computer or windows explorer - why?

Older versions of Windows and disk formats such as FAT or FAT32 cannot handle date processing prior to 1980. If you have changed file dates to before 1980, they may not appear under some versions of Windows. Although you may have files that date before 1980, Windows has problems displaying the new time and date stamps of these files.

You can test this by trying to change your system date to before 1980 (you can do this from the clock in your taskbar). You should see that Windows will not let you do this.

If the dates that you are trying to change are after 1980 and they are not appearing, it could simply be the case that you either need to refresh windows explorer or you have not targeted the files that you wish to work on in the main window.

To target all files in the main window, right-click on the file list and select "Targets / Target All Files" from the pop-up menu.

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