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I have 2 Eudora 6.x *.mbx files from the same email account but on different machines and I need to synchronize the two files and then rebuild the toc file.

Forwarding messages from one machine to the other will work, but this will take a lot of time as I have many messages to synchronize. Is there anyway that FileMonkey can help me with this?

We can suggest (but cannot guarantee) the following:

1. Copy all your mbx files into 1 folder
2. Merge all of these mbx files together (you can do this using FileMonkey)
3. Rename the new joined file In.mbx
4. Find the file In.mbx in your Eudora user folder.
5. Rename it to In.mbx.old (so you can restore it later if things go wrong)
6. Move the joined file In.mbx to your Eudora user folder
7. Start Eudora
8. Eudora will ask you to rebuild the table - do this.

Now, all messages from the mbx files should be in your inbox.

If there are any messages repeated in your mbx files, they will appear more than once in your inbox - you can delete these manually by first arranging messages in subject order.

If you have any comments or input about this subject please let us know.

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