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Who Are Register Now!

Register Now! provide us and many other software authors around the world with a safe and effective online purchasing solution.

By out-sourcing our e-commerce to Register Now! we can be sure that our valued affiliates will benefit from the best affiliate program available.

What Is A RegNow! Custom Build?

We offer RegNow! custom builds of all our products. Here is a working example of how to best take advantage of this feature:

  • A client finds our product on your website.
  • Your website sets a RegNow! cookie for our product (as a backup).
  • The customer clicks the download link for our product on your website.
  • Part of the link contains your affiliate id (links listed below).
  • The link points to the RegNow! download wizard.
  • The customer downloads the RegNow! download wizard.
  • The customer runs the RegNow! download wizard.
  • The RegNow! download wizard adds a purchase URL to the customer's registry.
  • The purchase URL contains your affiliate id.
  • The RegNow! download wizard then downloads' the custom build of our product.
  • The customer then installs our product.
  • The customer trials our product.
  • The customer decides to purchase our product.
  • The customer clicks a buy now button within our product.
  • Our product finds the purchase URL in the customer's registry.
  • Our product opens a browser window and loads the purchase address.
  • The customer buys our product and you get 30% commission for each sale.
Should the customer purchase through a link on our website, you will still gain your commission as we use RegNow! exclusively for all our products (we are a RegNow! certified vendor).

Our Policy On Affiliates

We welcome all affiliates and offer a blanket 30% commission. We encourage the use of advertising campaigns and any other methods of product promotion that adhere to the general spirit of the affiliate program.

PAD Files and URL's

Company Name: MonkeyJob Systems
RegNow! ID: 7974

If you have any questions, please contact us.


If you require graphics to fill your site, we have a small selection available:

32 x 32
88 x 31
235 x 60
468 x 60

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