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You have not answered any of my emails, why?

It is our policy to answer all emails within 2 business days. If you have not received our response, it could be due to the following reasons:

  • Your email software or spam filters are blocking, deleting or redirecting our emails.
  • You have received our emails but have not read them or deleted them by accident.
  • You have received our emails but you are looking in the wrong email account.
  • Your ISP, proxy or host is blocking our emails.
  • The email(s) that you sent to us were blocked by your ISP.
  • The email(s) that you sent were sent to the wrong or mis-typed address.
  • The email address that you supplied us with was invalid or mis-typed.
  • The email(s) that you sent were not in english.
  • The email(s) that you sent were flagged as spam.


Visit our public forums and post a message.

If you are using a spam filtering system, white-list our email address.

Use the contact form on this site to send us a message and your secondary email address if you have one.

Keep sending messages every day or so until we respond.

When we respond, if we suspect that your spam filters are blocking our emails, we may respond several different times from fake (spoofed) email addresses. This is an attempt to get our response through your spam filters.

To assure you, we WILL answer ALL emails (excluding spam) that we receive. If you have not received our response then it is most likely due to one of the above reasons.

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