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Your software contains a virus, why is this and what can I do?

All of our software is compiled on virus free local machines. If your virus scanner has identified that our software contains a virus, it has most likely been infected by a virus that you have picked up.

You can pick up viruses by opening or running programs that already contain viruses. These will then spread to other programs on your machine. As a general rule, you should never open unsolicited email. If unsure of an emails' contents, you can save or preview the email in plain text format using a plain text editor such as Windows Notepad.

Now that your machine has been infected by a virus, you should remove it. You can do this by using several reputable virus removers. Click HERE for a free online scan.

Note that not all virus scanners will remove your virus and new viruses may not be removable by conventional removal techniques.

As a last resort, formatting the drive and re-installing the operating system will work but make sure that you back up your personal files first to another drive, computer or cd first.

When you back up your files, you should check that the files you are backing up do not contain the virus. Otherwise, you could re-install your computer and then risk re-infecting the computer with the virus.

A boot sector virus is a virus that resides in the boot sector of your hard drive (The bit at the start of a drive that loads other programs when your computer first boots).

If you have one of these viruses, you can reset the your boot sector by using the following instructions (you will need a Windows start up floppy disk created on a virus free machine)

  • Check that the write protect on your floppy is on (there should be a square hole at the top right corner of the floppy).
  • Insert the floppy and restart your computer
  • When the floppy has finished booting, use the following command: fdisk/mbr
  • Now remove the floppy and restart the computer

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