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What is smart protect?

Smart protect provides light protection from binary file or system file editing.

If you attempt to modify the contents of binary files (files that are not plain text), they may be corrupted. For example, if you alter the contents of an image file, you may no longer be able to view that image.

If you attempt to modify or delete system files, your operating system may not function correctly or function at all. For example, if you attempt to delete the file C:\ntldr and you are running Windows XP, your operating system will not boot.

What are binary files?

Binary files are all files that are not plain text. These include but are not limited to doc, exe, mp3, avi, mov, wav, jpeg and gif files. Modifying the contents of these files may result in the files not functioning correctly. For example, mp3 files may not run correctly or at all.

What are system files?

System files are files that are used by your computer to load and maintain your windows operating system. Modifying or deleting these files may result in operating system crashes, unusual computer behaviour or system boot issues.

How does FileMonkey protect you?

When you are editing file contents, smart protect will skip a file if it is deemed binary. Smart protect will output an error message in the result log if this occurs.

Note that smart protect is not 100% accurate. A 100% solution would make all file content operations significantly longer in duration. This is why it is recommended that you use the main window to target only files that you wish to work on, for example, by using the file pattern filters.

Smart protect will skip all files flagged as system files.

How can I turn off smart protect?

Smart protect is turned on by default. You can turn off smart protect from the settings window of FileMonkey. Select the "View/Settings" menu item from the main window. This will force FileMonkey to edit all files regardless of their system flag, even if they are binary files.

Only turn off smart protect if you are sure that your files will not be corrupted by the feature that you intend to use. Before doing this, you can use the "Copy" feature of FileMonkey to back up your files.

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