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What commands are available in the command line feature?

The command line (command line) feature creates batch jobs that run through your command line.

The command line (Also known as DOS - Disk Operating System) is part of your operating system and gives you access to the environment that windows runs from.

The actual commands on your command line are part of your operating system and not part of FileMonkey.

Each operating system may have a slightly different set of commands. You can add new commands to your command line by installing command line programs (for example, mp3 encoders).

The basic set of commands that are part of the standard windows installation are:

attrib Display or change file or folder attributes
cd Display or change the current directory
choice Select a choice from a pre-defined list
cls Clear the command line output screen
copy Copy a file(s) from one location to another
date Display or change the current system date
del Delete a file(s)
dir List the contents of a directory
echo Output text to the command line output screen
exit Exit the current command prompt
format Format a disk
md Make a new directory
move Move a file(s) from one location to another
rd Remove a directory
ren Rename a file(s)

Most commands will also have additional features. To find out more about a command, you can get help from the command line by typing the command name followed by /?. For example, type dir/? for more help on the dir command.

There is a more detailed list of commands and switches available from HERE

To access the command line you can either:

1. Select the MS-DOS shortcut from your start menu
2. Select the run item from your start menu and then type command and press enter
3. Download our free DOS Send To module available from HERE

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