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Do I need to purchase the extended download service?

The short answer is no, you do not need to buy the extended download service (eds). You will always have full access to the latest release. Should you lose your registered version by for example, reformatting your hard drive, you can always email us and we will provide you access to the latest release free of charge.

You may want to keep the eds should you require a secondary back up in the event that you need to re-install in a short amount of time and do not wish to wait for us to reply to your email (our average response time at the time of writing is approx 9 hours).

Unfortunately, RegNow do not allow us to use their services unless we offer their eds service. If you do not want this service, you can remove the eds when registering by clearing the relevant check box and then clicking the "Update" button on the order form.

If you have purchased the extended download service by mistake, you can request a refund directly from register now, you may need to quote your order id.

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