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Trial Period Issues

My trial of FoldMonkey has not lasted the full 20 days, why?
I registered FoldMonkey but I am getting a message that the trial has expired.

Purchasing Issues

Can I order FoldMonkey on CD?
Our Purchasing Dept. needs vendor name & address to purchase FoldMonkey?
Why won't FoldMonkey accept my license code?
Why have I been charged VAT?
Do I need the extended download service?

Upgrading Issues

How do I upgrade to the latest version of FoldMonkey?
There is a new version of FoldMonkey available, why should I bother upgrading?
Where can I find my license code?
Why won't the update page accept my license code?
How can I upgrade my existing license?

General Issues

I am new to FoldMonkey, how does it work?
Can FoldMonkey work on mapped network drives?
Can FoldMonkey monitor more than 1 folder?
What tags are available?
Does FoldMonkey contain viruses?
Does this product contain spyware or adware?
I want to create folders with file name and move file?
How can I recreate or mirror folder structure


What is a service anyways?
How do I set up FoldMonkey to run as a service?

External Options

How do I send file path to DOS for further processing?
I want to copy AND move files - how?
Can I extract files from new RAR archives?
Can I receive an email notification for each new file?

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