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I want FoldMonkey to continue to monitor even if I log out. I want the FoldMonkey system tray icon and all FoldMonkey windows to be hidden. Is this possible?

You can set up FoldMonkey to run as a service. FoldMonkey will monitor your target folder even after you log off. There will be no FoldMonkey system tray icon and no visible windows. If any errors occur, they will be output to a plain text log file.

Use the following instructions to set up FoldMonkey as a service:


Right click on the FoldMonkey icon and select "Run as administrator". From the "Settings" window, un-check the "Start FoldMonkey On System StartUp" check box.


Open the "Start Up" folder of your start menu. If there is a FoldMonkey icon in your "Start Up" folder, remove it.


Using the FoldMonkey "Settings" window, enter the details of the folder that you wish to monitor and what you want FoldMonkey to do whilst monitoring the folder.


When you have entered these settings, click on the "Service" button.


This will open the "Add/Remove FoldMonkey Service" window.


Enter a name for the service.


Enter the path that you wish all service logs to be written to (for example: C:\FoldMonkey Logs.txt).


Click on the "Add Above Service" button to add the service.


Close all open FoldMonkey windows.

FoldMonkey will now run as a service. You should see no visible user interface and no FoldMonkey system tray icon.

If you wish to remove the service at a later date, you can do so using the "Add/Remove FoldMonkey Service" window.

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