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Purchasing Issues

Why won't Monkey Merge accept my license code?
Why have I been charged VAT?
Do I need the extended download service?

Upgrading Issues

Why won't the update page accept my license code?
Where can I find my license code?
How can I upgrade my existing license?

General Issues

You have not answered my emails, why?
Does Monkey Merge contain spyware, adware or any hidden programs?
Does Monkey Merge contain viruses?
What types of files can Monkey Merge Merge?
What is the active x component error message?
Why does it say "file is not a valid format"?
How can I change the page setup of multiple excel tabs in one go?
I do not want to pay to purchase adobe acrobat professional

Merging Word Documents

The merged word document will not print, why?
The merged word document will not print text inside text boxes, why?

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