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Creating a new folder in all sub-folders

You can use the "Create Folder Static.FM" script with the command line feature of FileMonkey. This will create a new empty folder in every sub-folder of the target path.

Note that although this script will work as required, FoldMonkey (a more user friendly package) can also do this.

If you want to create folders from file names, use the "Create Folder Dynamic.FM" script.

If you want to create folders and then copy or move files, use the "Copy" feature of FileMonkey.

Read on for step-by-step instructions to create a new empty folder in every sub-folder:


Use the folder tree in the main window to target the root folder (the path that you wish to work on). Click HERE for a targeting tutorial.


Select the "Quick-Find / Command Line" menu item.


The Create/Run batch file window should now be open

Fig 1

make batch jobs


Select the "File / Load Code" menu item.

Fig 2
load batch script


This will open the load file dialogue box (Fig 2).

Use this box to navigate to the folder that FileMonkey is installed in (This is usually something like: C:\Program Files\FileMonk)

Select the file "Create Folder Static.FM" and click the "Load" button.


Next, you need to enter the name of the new folder that you wish to create.

Fig 3
create new folders


Find the following line:

set myName="New Folder"

You will need to change this line to reflect the name of the new folder. For example, if you changed this line to:

set StartText="my data folder"

then each new folder will be named "my data folder"


If you want to include all sub-folders then you will need to check the "Include Sub Folders" check box (Fig 3). If you only want to work on the folders in the root folder then clear this box.


To start the operation, select the "File / Compile And Run" menu item.

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