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Emptying Files

The following tutorial will demonstrate how to use the command line feature of FileMonkey to empty all files of their contents.

Note that there is NO UNDO for this operation. If you are not comfortable using this feature, please back up your files first (you could use the copy feature to do this).


Target your files. Click HERE for a targeting tutorial.


Once you have targeted your files, select the "Quick-Find, Command Line" menu item from the main window.


This will open the "Command Line" window (Fig 1 below)

Fig 1
make batch jobs


From the menu bar at the top of this window, select the "File / Load Code" menu item.

Fig 2
find script


Select the "Empty Files.FM" script and click on the "Load" button to load the script.


To start the operation, select the "File / Compile And Run" menu item.

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