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Wiping And Deleting Files

FileMonkey can either wipe or delete target files.

When a file is deleted, it's contents remain on your drive until they are overwritten.

When a file is wiped, the contents of that file are completely removed from your drive.

The following example will demonstrate how to delete all bak, tmp, log and old files on the target path (including all such files in all sub-folders of the target path).


Target your files.

When targeting your files, check (tick) the file pattern box and enter a file pattern of: "*.bak;*.tmp;*.log;*.old" (without the quote marks)

This will target all files ending with the extension bak, tmp, log or old.

If you want to delete all such files on your C: drive then target the root C: drive in the folder tree on the left pane of the main window.

Click HERE for a targeting tutorial and click HERE for a file pattern tutorial.


Once you have targeted your files, select the "Quick-Find, Delete" menu item from the main window.


This will open the wipe/delete window (See Fig 1 below).

Fig 1
wipe delete files


Set up the window exactly as shown in Fig 1 (Above)


This operation will delete all target files (that match the targeting parameters in the main window) in the target folder and all sub-folders of the target folder.

Click the start button to start the operation.

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