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Why does JPEG Japery take a long time to wipe freespace from my drive?

On average, JPEG Japery will take around half an hour to wipe 10 GB of free space from a hard drive (1 pass). Drive wiping takes a long time as every free byte on a drive has to be written to. The speed of drive wiping will vary from one machine to another and will depend on factors such as:

  • Disk access speed (revolutions per minute)
  • Available free memory (RAM)
  • Amount of free space to wipe
For best results, we reccommend that you keep sensitive data on a separate small drive or partition. The smaller the drive, the less free disk space you will have to wipe. Smaller drives generally run faster as your computer has less space to search when trying to find data. Smaller drives will also defragment faster than larger drives. If you have a large drive with alot of free space, you could partition this drive and even install additional operating systems on the partitions.

Please note: floppy drives, network drives, cd, dvd and other non-local or slower drives may take longer to access and wipe.

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