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Please use the following instructions when installing Rename From List:

1. If you are installing over a previous install of Rename From List then it is recommended that you close all open Rename From List windows and un-install Rename From List from your computer before installing again.

2. Click HERE to download the Rename From List installation package.

3. Double click the file "RenList.exe" (the file that you downloaded in step 2 above) and then follow the installation instructions.

4. Rename From List is now installed.


To uninstall Rename From List, close Rename From List and then select the "Uninstall Rename From List" shortcut in the Rename From List folder of your start menu.

If this does not work then you can manually uninstall Rename From List. Firstly, you must close Rename From List. Then, find the folder that Rename From List is installed in (This is typically something like "C:\Program Files\RenList"). Delete this folder.

If you have any installation problems, contact us

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Registered Users: Launch your registered version of Rename From List. Select "Help" and then select "Update" from the main menu. Alternatively, refer to your original order receipt for instructions or contact us.

Un-Registered Users: Click HERE to download the latest version.

Selecting Files

The main window is the main interface of Rename From List. From here you can do the following things:
  • Select files that you wish to perform operations on
  • Import file lists and rename files.
  • Access integrated online and offline help and support.

Rename Files From A List

View Menu:

Color Scheme: Choose a color scheme for Rename From List.
Results: Display the last set of results generated by Rename From List.
Refresh: Update the main window.

Targets Menu:

Target All Files: Target all files in the target folder, regardless of size, date and pattern.
Show Hidden Folders: Display hidden folders in the main window folder tree.

Help Menu:

Tool Tips: Toggle helpful tool tip bubbles on and off.
Contents: Open help pages for this product in your browser window.

Main Window Options

Rename files with delimiters
"Populate" Button:

This will open the file import window. Use this window to indicate the location and format of the source plain text file that you wish to import and load it into the main window.

You can either import:
  • A delimited list of old and new file names
  • A list of new file names
  • A list of new folder names
If you are importing a list of old and new file names, the names must be separated by some common character or string (delimiter).

A delimiter is a character or block of text, most commonly a tab character, that separates old and new file names. The delimiter will be the same throughout the file list.

If you are importing new file names only, these will be paired against files that currently exist.

If you are importing folder names, these folders will be created when you run the operation.

"Edit" Button:

Edit the currently selected new file name. The currently selected new file name will be the last entry that you highlighted (selected).

You can select entries by left clicking on them. If you need to select more than one entry then hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and left click on each entry that you wish to select.

You can also select a range of entries. Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and left click on the first in entry the range that you wish to select. Then left click on the last entry that you wish to select.

You can select dynamically by using a combination of the above methods.

"Move Up" Button:

Move all selected (highlighted) new file names up by one position.

"Move Down" Button:

Move all selected (highlighted) new file names down by one position.

"Remove" Button:

Remove all selected (highlighted) new file names.

"Add" Button And "Insert" Text Box:

Enter a new file name in the insert box and click on the "Add" button to add the new file name to the current list of new file names. This will add the entry above the last new file name that you selected.

"Apply" Button And "Extension" Text Box:

Enter a new extension in the "Extension" text box. When you apply the extension (by clicking the "Apply" button) all new file name extensions will be changed to the extension that you enter here.

"Undo" Button:

Click this button to undo the last renaming operation. Note that the undo feature only works for one step back.

"Start" Button:

This will start the renaming operation. All files will be renamed to match the corresponding entries in the "New File Name" column. If you are creating new folders then this will start creating new folders from your folder list.

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