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Check The action of ticking a check box (tick box)


Clicking the MaxMonkey system tray icon with your mouse pointer will perform the associated action

Close The action of closing a window usually to free up resources or as part of a reboot or shutdown procedure


The area allocated to your monitor by your operating system that displays the windows and programs that you use and acts as an interface between you and your programs.

Maximize To enlarge a window to fit your entire screen.


When a window fits the entire length and width of your screen (excluding visible taskbar) it is said to be maximized.

Minimize The act of sending a window to your taskbar and hiding the window contents from view.


When a window is only accessable from your taskbar and not visible on your desktop.

Mouse Behavior Change the way that MaxMonkey handles mouse left, double and middle clicks.


To return a window to it's default, non-maximized, non-minimized visible state.

Restored When a window is neither maximized or minimized and is still visible on your desktop it is restored.


The procedure that your computer initiates when rebooted or turned on. The act of loading programs and drivers that your operating system requires for normal function.

System Tray The area that holds your clock and other system tray programs. Usually found at the bottom right of your screen on the taskbar.

System Tray Icon

An icon found in the system tray that enables access to a system tray program.

Target Any window that matches the targeting parameters defined by you.


The area at the head of a window that contains the window title and basic information pertaining to said window.

Taskbar The area on your screen (usually a strip found at the bottom of your screen, running the breadth of the screen) that holds the start button and system tray and enables access to desktop windows.


A standardized container to hold controls and information.

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