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Why is your program asking for SmartSound Quicktracks Plugin.msi?

SmartSound Quicktracks Plugin.msi is NOT part of any of our packages. This plugin is however, part of the installers of other third party products that you may have installed on your machine (for example, some adobe products and some media products such as final cut pro and pinnacle use this).

The SmartSound Quicktracks Plugin if not installed properly, will output messages reminding you to install. These messages may also appear when you launch other programs (for example, any of our products).

It is recommended that you either install the plugin or use the "Add/Remove Programs" shortcut in your "Start Menu/Control Panel" to remove the plugin and/or any programs that you think may be responsible for installing it.

We are not responsible for this plugin and we currently do not know it's official function, we recommend that you get in contact with the software vendor that is trying to install this plugin on your machine and ask them what it is.

It has been suggested that the "Windows Install CleanUp Utility" is able to remove this plugin (and possibly the application that installed it).

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