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Items have appeared in my favorites folder that I did not put there. Where did these come from and how do I get rid of them?

Other Users

If there are other people using your machine, they may be adding items to your favorites list.

Software Packages

Newly installed programs can add items to your favorites folder.

  • Windows Media Player
  • Upgrading or installing a new browser
  • Installing some screen savers
  • Installing a new internet connection

Web Pages

Some websites can trick the you into clicking a button which will place an item in the favorites folder or change your homepage.

Stealth Programs

You could have a virus or stealth program running on your system in the background without your knowledge.



In your favorites folder, manually delete the items that you do not want.

If you are using "Windows Explorer" or "Internet Explorer", select the "Favorites/Organize Favorites..." menu item for further options.

If you are using "Netscape" then select the "Bookmarks/Manage Bookmarks..." menu item.


If there are other people using your machine, perhaps you should consider setting up multiple user login's. This will provide a separate favorites folder for each user.


If after removing the items, they re-appear, it is possible that you have a program running on your computer without your knowledge. You can view the programs running on your computer by holding down the ctrl + alt + delete keys on your keyboard.


You should uninstall any programs that you suspect are the cause of this issue. From your start menu, find your control panel and from your control panel, find the "Add/Remove Programs" feature.


If you suspect a virus, you should perform a virus scan. There are some good free online virus scanners available (for example:

Also, do not run programs that are not from reputable sources and do not open emails that you suspect may be spam or contain viruses.

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