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What is an invalid page fault and how do I fix it?


When a page fault error is generated by an application, that application is usually terminated by the operating system (to prevent further page fault errors). The error would look something like this:

"Invalid Page Fault in Kernel32.dll"

Page fault errors occur when an application requests data from memory that no-longer exists (searching for data in the page file that does not exist will generate an error).

This is usually caused by either corrupt memory contents, a bug with the operating system, incorrectly installed or conflicting memory or more commonly, a bug with a specific program.

If the cause is not a bug with a specific program then you may also experience these errors when running other applications.


The problem can sometimes be corrected by rebooting the affected computer (which will purge memory contents). This is the first thing that you should do.

If the problem occurs when running a specific program, you should check for updates for the program and verify with the author or program website that the program should run correctly on your operating system.

You should then run your resident disk scanning program (For example: Microsoft Scan Disk). This will fix disk errors that may be residing in your virtual memory disk cache. Before doing this, you should close all non-essential programs including those running in the background (or these may poll your hard disk causing scan disk to continually restart).

You should also uninstall programs that you no-longer use and remove start-up items that you no longer use (some of which can only be removed from the registry or using programs such as msconfig.exe).

If your hard disk has not been defragmented for a while or your hard disk is used heavily, it is recommended that you run your resident defragmentation program (this is not really necessary but will improve overall system performance).

You should also update your operating system, for example, by running windows update.

You can verify if the problem is caused by newly installed memory by removing the memory and then seeing if you still get the error.

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