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How do I download files from web sites?

If a web site has a file available for download, it would be displayed as some sort of highlighted link (referred to as a hyper-link).

Usually, it is a case of clicking this link and then following the on-screen instructions.

Here is a step by step guide on the downloading process:


Find something to download. Web sites will offer various different downloads for various different purposes.

For example, you can download the FileMonkey installation package from this site.

Click HERE to start the process.


Your web browser will then open a download dialogue box.

Note that you should only download files from reputable sources. Granted, the majority of files that you will download will be harmless but some files may have been created with malicious intent.


Click the "Save" button to download the file and save it locally.

download files


A save file window will appear. You will use this window to select a location on your computer to store the download.

For example, select "Desktop" from the drop down menu to save the file to your desktop. This will make it easy for you to find later on.


In the "File Name" section, enter a file name that will easily identify the download to you.


Next, click the "Save" button.
file browse save window


After you click the "Save" button, the file will start to download.


As the file downloads', progress will be displayed as a percentage at the top of the progress window and as a graphic bar in the center of the window.


Wait until the download is complete (the progress bar is full and the percentage reads 100%).
download progress window


When the download is complete, the window may automatically close. If this does not happen, it may look something like the window displayed below.


If the window is still open, click on the "Close" button.


You have now successfully downloaded the file and saved it to your desktop.

If you wish to run the file (to see what you downloaded), double click the file (which you can find on your desktop).
download complete window

Note: not all files will run straight away. For example, if you downloaded a zip file (a common archive file) then you need a zip file reading package to extract files from the zip file, for example WinZip.

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