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1. If you are installing over a previous install of AppendToFiles then it is recommended that you close all open AppendToFiles windows and un-install AppendToFiles from your computer before installing again.

2. Click HERE to download the AppendToFiles installation package.

3. Double click the file "2AppFiles.exe" (the file that you downloaded in step 2 above) and then follow the installation instructions.


To uninstall AppendToFiles, close AppendToFiles and then select the "Uninstall AppendToFiles" shortcut in the AppendToFiles folder of your start menu.

If this does not work then you can manually uninstall AppendToFiles. Firstly, you must close AppendToFiles. Then, find the folder that AppendToFiles is installed in (This is typically something like "C:\Program Files\2AppFiles"). Delete this folder.

If you have any installation problems, contact us

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Registered Users: Launch your registered version of MaxMonkey. Select "Online, Update" from the system tray menu. Alternatively, refer to your original order receipt for instructions or contact us.

Un-Registered Users: Click HERE to download the latest version.


To open this feature, click the "Append" button from the main window.

The Append feature can append data (text) to the start or end of file contents.

Type the text that you wish to append in the append box. Choose if you want to append to the start or end of files. Check the "Include Sub-Folders" check box to extend the main window settings to work on files in sub-folders.

You can append tags such as file name, extension or path. Check the "Use Tags" check box and select tags from the button on the right.

Click "Start" to begin the operation. (Note: there is no undo facility but you may reverse changes using the "Delete" feature).


To open this feature, click the "Delete" button in the main window.

Use this feature to:
  • Crop file names
  • Crop folder names
  • Truncate file contents
If you wish to work on files or folders in sub-folders, check the "Include Sub-Folders" check box.

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