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Contacting Us

You have not answered my emails, why?
Why use a contact form over a direct email address?

Product Registration

Why won't the update page accept my license code?
Why won't the product accept my license code?
The trial period has ended early - why?
I registered this package but I get a message that the trial has expired.
Where can I find my license code?
How do I upgrade an existing license?
Why have I been charged VAT?
Do I need the extended download service?

Run Time Error 7 Out Of Memory Bug

Run Time Error 7 Out Of Memory

Computer Related

How can I find the date and time that I last formatted my hard drive?
Outlook says my PST file is read-only and will not import it?
What is an invalid page fault and how do I fix it?
What is a plain text file?
Can items appear in my favorites folder that I did not put there?
How do I download files?
How do I enlarge a picture?
I have a virus, what should I do?
Programs runs slowly on my machine - why?
Do your products contain spyware or adware?
How do I convert CD tracks to MP3 format?
How do I rename MP3 files using ID3 tags?
Why is your program asking for SmartSound Quicktracks Plugin.msi?
How can I delete my recent items list?
What does it mean, publisher could not be verified?
How can i change the language in which non-unicode programs are called?

General Enquiries

Why can't I find employment on this site?

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